Ayaz Ahmed and Ratan Rajput show up cherished chemistry in Santoshi Maa

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Ayaz Ahmed and Ratan Rajput show up cherished chemistry in Santoshi Maa

And Tv’s Santoshi Maa serial is still keeping viewers hooked. Santoshi and Dhairya have lost everything in their lives, but gained the most precious element needed to live a happy and content life, that’s love. Santoshi has showed her contentment in every situation. Her truthfulness in her marriage has made her win back her husband from the evil minded Sinduri. Sinduri and Ankur have been playing safe against Santoshi and Dhairya for a long time.

Being very unhappy with the series of events, Santoshi realized her lie has ruined her married life. Santoshi Maa was regretting to see her devotee walking on the wrong path and stopped listening to her prayers and answering her. When Santoshi repented by heart to lose her husband, she understood where did she go wrong. She lost Dhairya’s trust initially, but then rectifying her mistake made her win Dhairya and even Santoshi Maa.

While Ankur got to know the bitter truth that Pratap is his father and has killed his mother Gargi Devi, Sinduri got arrested by police for framing Santoshi in a prostitution case. Dhairya went to the extent of marrying Sinduri, to bail out Santoshi from all the blames on her character. Santoshi’s devotion and honesty in relations make her different from the rest. Santoshi equals to all her contenders by her simple approach. Santoshi’s devotion brings her out of the messy problem.

Pratap’s wife Madhu gets shocked about Pratap’s extra martial affair with Gargi and having an illegitimate son Ankur. Madhu feels cheated and gets her anger out on Pratap by ruining their marriage. Madhu ends all ties with Pratap and threatens to expose him in media. Madhu makes Pratap name all his property to her and offers Pratap to work as servant at home, if he wants a roof over his head. Pratap agrees to do as Madhu says to seek her forgiveness and save his name from spoiling infront of the society. Madhu is then threatened by Ankur to accept him as part of the family. Madhu agrees to accept Ankur on Kranti Maa’s saying, as she feels like losing Pratap’s property to Ankur if she dismisses his partnership proposal.

Ankur enters the family as Pratap’s son with all his rights on Mishra family. Ankur starts troubling Santoshi and Dhairya every day. Ankur gets angry to get cheated by Santoshi and Dhairya. He becomes enemy of Mishra family, and starts taking revenge from Santoshi. Madhu and Ankur take advantage of Santoshi and Dhairya’s goodness. They ask Dhairya to repay all his dues and take his property share. Even Kaka and Kaki give up their share to save Dhairya and Santoshi. Madhu makes Dhairya and Santoshi leave the house, along with the elders.

Dhairya and Santoshi restart their life on the roads, with a small living structure. Kaka and Kaki find it tough to stay with them, and lie to them about tirat yatra. Kaka and Kaki go to stay in old age home to lessen burden on Dhairya and Santoshi. Ankur and Madhu still pose many problems for Santoshi and Dhairya, and make them lose every employment. Santoshi gets critically ill. Dhairya sings and begs money on the road for her treatment at the hospital. Santoshi makes Dhairya do a good deed by donating blood to save a little boy’s life. Their good deed rewards them, as he boy’s father Paras offers them place to live and gives a good job to Dhairya. Santoshi and Dhairya proceed in their lives with the blessings of their Santoshi Maa. The credit for success of the show goes to Ayaz Ahem and Ratan Rajput’s wonderful chemistry.

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