Befikre Movie Review: Fails to heat up the atmosphere!

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December 11, 2016
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Befikre Movie Review: Fails to heat up the atmosphere!

Baseline of the story:
A boy and a girl meet in Paris, enjoy their lovey-dovey sizzling moments and then part ways. Later, they realize that they love each other and end up eloping.
Dharam Gulati (Ranveer Singh) lands in Paris to work as a stand up comedian and there he meets Shyra Gill (Vaani Kapoor), a carefree girl who works as a tour guide. On the very first day Dharam woes Shyra with his cute dialogues! Here begins their ‘Befikre’ lust-story! However, what they don’t understand is that during this the duo fall for each other. But due to small differences they end up breaking.
Soon, they meet again, but this time more as friends and not as girlfriend-boyfriend! They realize that they have become more mature post their break-up and this deepens their friendship. Then enters the third person – an investment banker who asks Shyra for a date. Towards the end Shyra decides to marry the investment banker and this saddens Dharam who realises that he loves Shyra. However, Dharam behaves like a good friend and does not stop her from going with him. In a state of anger and hurt, he decides to marry a girl he met in a party.
To know what happens next you must visit the theaters!
The only attraction of the film is Ranveer Singh and the beautiful scenes shot in France. Ranveer’s Delhiite look is bit more enhanced in Befikre than Band Baaja Baraat! He is the only powerhouse of the film. No one would have done the role of Indo-French girl better than Vaani Kapoor. The film fails to live up to the hype that was created about the film.
Aditya Chopra didn’t disappoint us in his direction part but the story fails to connect to the audience. There is lack of emotions even in emotional scenes and the second part becomes bit predictable which ruins the fun. About songs, only ‘Nashe Si’ and the title track brings joy on your face and rest are a mere addition to the film.
There are few light- heart comic scenes that will refresh your mood. However, somewhere you will feel like ‘Befikre’ is ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’ set in France. (Just a bit)

Ratings: ** / 5 (Two out of five stars)

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