Debina Bonnerjee to star in And Tv’s Santoshi Maa

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October 23, 2016
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Debina Bonnerjee to star in And Tv’s Santoshi Maa

Sayantani Ghosh has quit the show Santoshi Maa airing on And TV. She was playing the villainous character who spreads negativity around. Sayantani has done a marvelous job till now and gave new dimensions to Goddess Paulmi’s role. The actress is now getting replaced by Debina Bonnerjee, who is famous for her stint in Sab tv’s Chidiya Ghar. Debina has done mythological shows, family drama, reality shows and even comic genre, but Santoshi Maa will bring Debina in totally different avatar, of a very powerful negative character Devi Paulmi. Sayantani is currently seen as the second lead in Star Plus’ prime time show Naamkaran starring Viraj Patel and Barkha Bisht. Debina’s entry will be happening soon, as the promos are already doing the rounds and creating much curiosity in viewers’ minds.


The Goddess of jealousy, hatred, greed, revenge, enmity, and negative powers is the antagonist opposite the Goddess of Contentment, Santoshi Maa. Devi Paulmi and Santoshi Maa are arch rivals, and even divided their devotees based on their virtues. Devi Paulmi has done many crimes in Devlok. She has taken advantage of being granddaughter of Brahmadev. Even then, she was caught and punished by the Trilokdev. Devi Paulmi did not change, as per her evil nature. She tries to misuse her powers in her husband Devraj Indra’s absence. Devi Paulmi got DimakhRaj to erase Santoshi’s Maa biggest devotee Santoshi’s fate page from the fate book written by Brahmadev. She has also got an Asur to snatch away Santoshi Maa’s positive powers and vision. Devi Paulmi did not learn by anyone’s teachings and guidance. This led the evil Goddess to get severely punished and roam in the black hole of the universe. Devi Paulmi pleaded Brahmadev to let her go, but she was sent to the universe prison forever.

While Devi Paulmi is believed to be stuck in prison, Santoshi Maa observes some negative powers going on earth, which resembles the angst and jealousy driven by Devi Paulmi. Santoshi Maa fears Devi Paulmi’s negative powers are affecting her devotees and turning them into discontent people. Santoshi’s devotion for Santoshi Maa is very much true. Even Santoshi’s husband Dhairya has become true devotee and was glued to his devotion in bad times. Dhairya gets blessed and prospers in life. He turns into a rich man in few months. Dhairya now wants to seek revenge from his Bhabhi Madhu for all the insult and troubles he faced because of her.

Dhairya’s changing nature is making Santoshi worried. Dhairya has got greed in heart, along with enmity and hatred. Santoshi wonders why Dhairya is reacting unconcerned even for his parents. Money makes a person blind. This concept of richness conquering the senses is shown. Dhairya gets disrespectful of even Santoshi, who has been with him through happiness and sorrow. Santoshi Maa witnesses all the changes in her devotees’ lives and is keen to know whether Devi Paulmi is behind the growing evil in pure hearts. The viewers can wait for big drama and action after Devi Paulmi’s entry. Debina matches to the personality and acting prowess of Sayantani. Let’s cross the fingers for new Devi Paulmi’s entry.

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