Gautam Rode’s stint in Suryaputra Karn gets a graceful end

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Gautam Rode’s stint in Suryaputra Karn gets a graceful end

Suryaputra Karn brings the story of the great warrior Karn and his life’s journey. It completed a successful run of one year. The show stars one of the finest actors of Indian television, Gautam Rode. Initially, many actors including Karanvir Bohra, Karan Grover and Karan Tacker were considered to play the lead role, but Gautam bagged the prestigious show and the lead role of Karna. The show presented Karn’s life, right from his birth and then his teenage years.

The viewers have seen how Karn became a mighty warrior, his equations with his brothers Pandavas, and his unconditional friendship with Duryodhan. Karn faced much social discrimination for being a low class charioteer’s son, but his determination did not get down. Karn still acquired all the knowledge and warrior skills, leading his way to become the King of Anga. His take on Pandavas and his love towards his mother Kunti were also seen. Many unseen phases of Karn’s life were presented in the show in a beautiful and well thought manner. The show has astounding special effects to add up to the great performances and powerful dialogues.

Star Plus also presented the great epic of Mahabharat before, but this show is focused on Karna and his perception about others. Kunti’s tapasya pleased Suryadev and he has blessed her with a baby having his powers. Karna was born by a boon to Kunti, and she abandoned the baby being helpless. She was scared to have a baby without wedlock. Kunti had much emotions for Karna, and she sacrificed her motherly love for the baby. Karna is that’s why titled Suryaputra Karn.


The show brings Karna in the prime role and presents his family background, his mother’s boon by Surya Dev, how he got raised by facing humiliation, fought back for his rights, and then landed into limelight. Karna’s bravery, honesty, compassion and all his virtues are shown in detail, along with his emotions, suppressed pain and his endurance. Karna had equal powers like Pandavas and even then he was an underrated hero in Indian mythology. The trials and tribulations faced by Karna is shown well.

Viewers got to see the real Karna and his effective presence in Mahabharat war. The show recently got the Mahabharat war track, where Karna will be killed in the war. Pandavas and Kauravas’ story post Kurukshetra war will entertain the viewers before the show’s end. Gautam will be appearing in the last episode, wherein viewers will see Karn in heaven. This mythology show on Sony became a big hit and a good TRP grosser. It fetched good reviews and high ratings since its start. Gautam Rode got awarded as the best actor in a Mythology Serial in Indian Telly Awards for Suryaputra Karn in the year 2015.

Gautam who rose to fame by his role of Saras Vyas in Saraswatichandra, starred in Life Ok’s mythological sci-fi thriller Mahakumbh, before taking up this show. All the shows taken by Gautam were always in news because of Gautam’s extreme talent and amazing performance. Gautam has done good justice to this role of Karn. Karn’s speechless moments, anger, tears, and indebted personality are depicted well by Gautam. The actor succeeded to show his caliber in the mythological genre. He has a huge fan following, and viewers just love to watch him again and again. With his journey coming to an end in Suryaputra Karn, there is news that the handsome actor would star in love story drama soon. Suryaputra Karn is going to end next month, and getting replaced by the new show Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka.

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