Mouni and Karanvir’s ‘Naagin’ love story turns entertaining

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Mouni and Karanvir’s ‘Naagin’ love story turns entertaining

After winning the hearts of audience, the creative team of Naagin has come up with its sequel. Naagin season 2 has lots of drama, thriller, suspense and superstitions. Naagin was the popular show liked by every genre of audience. Naagin season 1 was the story of Shivanya and her journey of struggle to take revenge for her parents’ murder. Shivanya identifies her parents’ murderers and befriends Ritik to kill them. She marries Ritik and falls in love with him.

Season 1 actor Mouni Roy who earlier played the role of Shivanya is again playing the lead role as Shivangi in season 2. Season 2 started with Shivanya getting pregnant with Ritik’s child. Ritik gets worried that Shivanya is only 3 months pregnant. Shivanya is brought to the hospital where she delivers a baby girl Shivangi. Shivanya reminisces her mother words that pregnancy period differ between humans and snakes. Ritik asks her not to worry as the father of the child is human. Shivanya too becomes human to save Ritik in season 1.

The show moves ahead for 25 years, Shivangi has grown up and looks similar to her mother Shivanya. Shivanya meets Pandit at the temple and expresses her worries for Shivangi. Pandit says if Shivangi gets married to a human before her 25th birthday, she will not become Naagin. Shivanya thinks to make Shivangi marry before her 25th birthday.

Shivangi runs a bakery store along with her cousins and goes to deliver a cake at the garage. Rocky’s character is introduced played by Karanvir Bohra at the garage. Rocky and Shivangi meet for the first time and he starts liking her. He continues to follows her. Shivangi realizes that Rocky is following her and asks him to leave her alone.

Suddenly, Shivangi and Rocky get stuck in a snow storm and she slips from the cliff. Rocky pulls her up, but she becomes unconscious. Shivanya is waiting for Shivangi and thinks about kaal ratri and Shivangi fate as human or naagin. Rocky and Shivangi are lost in the jungle. He takes Shivangi to the temple and a wolf attacks her, she turns into Naagin and kills the wolf.

The commissioner asks the Inspector to search Rocky fast as he is the son of big industrialist family. Police find out Shivangi and Rocky. Rocky’s Badi maa comes to take him home. Rocky’s Badi maa is none other than Ritik’s mother Yamini. Shivangi too reaches home and Shivanya tells her that she has selected an alliance and the boy is coming to meet her. The groom’s parents accept Shivangi and ask them to meet once before coming on any decision. Meanwhile, Sesha Naagin is still young and is Rocky’s friend Ruchika.

Shivangi and cousins go to disco to meet the boy. Rocky and Ruchika also comes there. Ruchika misses to see Shivangi and goes on the dance floor with Rocky. The DJ plays the song Naagin and her body starts turning into a snake form. She runs to DJ and asks him to change the song, but he refuses to listen and starts flirting. Ruchika changes into a Naagin form and lifts the DJ in air and strangulates his neck. The boy gets shocked seeing Ruchika in a Naagin form and tells the same to Shivanya and Shivangi. Shivanya gets shocked hearing about Naagin and emotionally blackmails Shivangi to accept the alliance.

At Rocky’s Birthday party, Badi maa gives a surprise to Rocky and plans his engagement with Ruchika. Rocky gets shocked and says he will not marry Ruchika. Badi maa tries to make him fall in her fake stories, but Rocky is adamant to not get engaged to Ruchika. Ruchika in disguise of a snake hears their conversation and gets angry. Shivanya informs her foster brother that Shivangi agreed for the marriage and everyone get relieved with her decision.

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