Pearl and Hiba’s link-up rumors leads to no-dating clause

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Pearl and Hiba’s link-up rumors leads to no-dating clause

Meri Saasu Maa’s lead actors are the latest ones to face the linkup rumors. Though both the actors deny to be dating, there is much news about them. Pearl V Puri and Hiba Nawab are playing the leads roles Pari and Sattu. They are presenting their best chemistry possible. Recently, the ‘no dating clause’ was put up on the actors. Pearl was linked with his Badtameez Dil co-star Asmita Sood before. Pearl and Hiba look great pair on screen and many of their fans actually want to see them together off screen. Pearl believes that no dating clause can’t last in the industry for long time. Pearl and Hiba give natural performances in the show and their convincing portrayals make the show watchable, despite the high drama content. The show is on air since January 2016 and completed six months recently.

Zee TV have come up with the variety of shows on family drama’s like Jamai Raja, Kumkum Bhagya and Yeh Vaada Raha which is connecting to audience well as one can easily relate themselves to any of the story. This show also depicts the pursuit of every ordinary girl who dreams to get married with a good-hearted handsome guy, and most importantly to have a loving and caring mother-in-law. Meri Saasu Maa depicts the girl’s expectation from her mother-in-law and her journey in finding mother’s love and affection. The story starts with Pari, a girl deprived of mother’s love. She gets married with an objective to find a mother in mother-in-law. A girl gets affection, love and care from all the family members, but mother turns to be daughter’s best friend, but Pari misses her mother a lot and is deprived of mother’s love and support. The story surely touches the heart of audience as Pari is shown as a simple and courageous girl who always follows right path and respect others. Pari’s character is of a bright and fun loving girl having an attitude to never lose to wrong. Sattu falls in love at first sight with Pari, and wins her heart.


As the story progress, Pari got married to Sattu, a rich and handsome son of Bhawna Devi. Bhawna Devi handles the dairy milk business along with her four sons. Everyone calls Bhawna Devi as Maa Saab, she is a strict woman and completely opposite to Pari’s expectations. Maa Saab believes that daughter-in-law can never become daughter and makes sure to keep them in limits. But, Pari’s honest nature changes Maa Saab perception as the story moves on.

The concept of the story is innovative to the extent till Pari wins Maa Saab’s trust and changes the things in her inlaws. When Pari wins Maa Saab’s heart, everything around begins to change. There was annoyance between Pari and Sattu, which was planted by many manipulations of the evil characters. Pari and Sattu got remarried with their consent and love in hearts. Maa Saab happily blessed them and the entire wedding scenes were shot beautifully to be presented as an enchanting fantasy for the viewers. Pearl and Hiba’s cute and charming presence and sizzling chemistry is much appreciated. Hope to see more of their romance in the show.

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