Prince Narula’s TV debut Badho Badhu turns surprising

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Prince Narula’s TV debut Badho Badhu turns surprising

And Tv’s latest show Badho Bahu is set in the locales of Haryana, where a uncommon love story between the oddball couple is soon going to begin. The female protagonist is a heavy weight 100 kg girl Komal, who is tagged Badho because of her obese looks. She is simple and energetic girl, who is emotional and helpful. She has a big heart and easily forgives people. She is given good values by her family. She misses her father a lot and often spends time alone recalling his great words. Komal’s father told her that she will be marrying a very handsome guy. Her fate turns this true as Komal’s relation gets fixed with the town’s hottest hunk, the Iron Man of Haryana, Lucky. He is a wrestler by professional and has a well built body. He admires his looks and wants someone equal to him as his life partner.

Komal touches everyone’s heart by her helpful nature. She is very true at heart and is not scared of anyone’s taunts on her fat looks. Komal collides with Lucky and he gets a huge jerk. He tags her Bulldozer and jokes whoever will marry her will die by getting under her weight.

Lucky’s father Raghuveer is a friend of Komal’s father Mahender. Raghuveer is rich and famous now, and owes everything to Mahender. Raghuveer meets Komal and praises her father. Raghuveer often tells people about his great friendship with Mahendra. Komal gets glad hearing good after her late father. Raghuveer believes in Komal’s values, and her heavy personality does not matter to him. Raghuveer fixes Lucky’s marriage with Komal.

The marriage becomes a forced one for Lucky. Lucky always dreams of getting a beautiful and modern wife. He likes a foreigner girl, whom he impressed by being helpful. While Lucky’s dreams to marry a pretty girl sink, Komal’s dreams come true of marrying her prince. Lucky could not express his discomfort and unhappiness with the alliance. Komal was once made fun of her looks by the village girls, who were mad about Lucky. Everyone praise Komal’s fate to get marriage fixed with Lucky.

The show will explore the beauty of their relation. While the marriage is forced on Lucky, how Komal uses her goodness and charm on Lucky and develops desire for her in his heart forms the rest of the story. When their love story does not progress, there arrives the necessity of romance. Prince Narula and Rytasha Rathore play the leads in the show. Pankaj Dheer plays pivotal role of Raghuveer Ahlawat. Pankaj will be seen as a doting father, and a very supporting father in law. Komal will struggle to win Lucky’s heart and make a bond of lifetime.

Badho Bahu has comic touch in the story. Komal and Lucky’s scenes show Rytasha and Prince’s wonderful chemistry. Prince has chosen this show for his fiction debut. His huge female fan following is appreciating his acting talents. Rytasha is a theatre artist, who also made her television debut with this show. And Tv made a good attempt by getting something unusual. The plot is very interesting and can go well with audience.

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