Ravi Dubey’s new avatar of a child in Jamai Raja

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Ravi Dubey’s new avatar of a child in Jamai Raja

Zee tv’s Jamai Raja got the lead actor Ravi Dubey in another frame. Ravi who plays Satya, is seen feigning memory loss and becoming a child mentally. Payal helps Satya to marry Mahi, but Mahi scolds Satya for marrying her without her knowledge and to deceive her. Mahi says he will not get the luxuries of her home and asks him to take her to his house. She insults Satya and asks him to wear mangalsutra and bangles if he wants to stay as Jamai. Payal thinks if Mahi goes from the house, she can’t take her signatures on the property papers. Satya asks Payal to stop Mahi and Payal acts to faint. Mahi runs to her and Payal asks her not to leave her home and Satya is her Jamai.

Satya wants to save Mahi’s life from Payal and wants to bring Payal’s true face to Mahi. Mahi has not accepted their marriage and asks Satya to stay away from her. Satya in an inebriated state confesses his love feelings and says he had married her for love, not for money. Payal and Koel witness Satya’s love confession and think his love can be a danger for them and has to kick him out.

Satya gets glad to see Mahi’s concern for him. Inspector comes to arrest Satya for making fake redevelopment papers. Satya gets arrested on Payal’s saying. Mahi goes to meet Satya at the police station and hears Satya’s and lawyer conversation. She gets to know that Satya is innocent and he is taking a blame to save her Saasu Mummy’s respect. Satya has blackmailed Payal’s lawyer to say the truth to Mahi as he has taken his video with other woman and threatened to show to his wife.

Payal asks the Inspector and her goons to shift Satya to other place. Mahi scolds Inspector for shifting Satya to another police station without her knowledge. Satya’s siblings Sunil and Kajal inform Mahi that Satya is taken to Naigaon by the police. Satya severely gets beaten up by the police and Payal’s goons. Satya tries to run, but Payal hits on his head and catches his again.

Mahi sees Satya at the gun point and throws the brick at Inspector’s hand. Mahi takes Satya along with her. Mahi cries seeing Satya’s badly injured state, but Satya wants to bring Payal’s bitter truth infront of Mahi. Satya brings the Inspector and asks him to reveal the real culprit name. Payal gets scared. Inspector takes Dhawal’s name and Payal gets a sigh of relief. Koel has asked Inspector to take Dhawal’s name if he gets caught.

Payal is making many tricks to make Satya fall in Mahi’s eyes as she has clearly seen the growing bonding and care between Satya and Mahi. Like Payal, her children Koel and Shom are very greedy for money and give least importance to their mother. They have clearly informed their mother to take rest after getting the property and they will take care of it.

Satya fails Payal’s trick and gets electric current in order to save Payal. Doctor says Satya is suffering from retrograde amnesia and have become a 10 year old kid. Mahi and Naina get shocked, but Payal thinks Satya is acting and she will expose him very soon. Mahi takes care of Satya and gets friendly with him.

Satya has not lost his memory and feels bad to lie to Mahi. But, he thinks he has to act as a child to save Mahi’s life and property and to expose Payal deeds. Mahi gives Rs 25 Lakh to Payal for charity purpose. Payal asks Shom to keep the money in Satya’s teddy bear. Payal calls the police and inform that her 25 Lakh is missing from her room. Shom asks inspector to check Satya’s teddy. Mahi confronts him for doubting on a small kid. Ravi Dubey is doing a marvelous acting specially the childish act. Ravi presents the winning stride for Jamai Raja once again.

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