Sandeep Anand wins hearts by his innocent appeal in May I Come In Madam

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Sandeep Anand wins hearts by his innocent appeal in May I Come In Madam

Life Ok’s May I Come In Madam seems to be having a great run. With shows like Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai and May I Come In Madam ruling on the fiction show runners channels like And Tv and Life Ok, Sab TV has got good competition at the night slots. Life Ok’s show did not appear like a big bait, but it has definitely attracted the audience by its comical stance. Many tracks are introduced, by keeping the characters same. The story flow goes on pretty well and consistent. The actor Sandeep Anand playing Sajan is much appreciated for his innocent appeal and sweetness.

The lead character Sajan Agarwal is one of a kind, who dreams fantasies with his boss Sanjana. Sajan wants to win Sanjana’s love and works really hard to please her. He often falls in the pit he had dug and regrets. His ideas, plannings, execution and regretting are cute. Sajan’s adorable character is very much liked by the audience. It’s quite a relatable character, as one may have a crush on a beautiful boss. Sanjana’s beauty, elegance and charm is presented aptly. Characters complement each other by good timing.

The show has got wonderful tracks of Sajan balancing work, family and his inclination towards Sanjana. Sajan’s romance with his wife Kashmira is also a key factor in taking the show ahead. Sanjana has turned into Kashmira’s good friend and often visits Sajan’s house. Sanjana’s father Chedilal got a romantic connection with Sajan’s mother in law Ramwati. Chedilal and Ramwati’s track creates much humor in flirtiest style. Sajan finds hard to strike a chord after both families bond friendly. He still tries to create misunderstandings and keep Sanjana and Kashmira away. The women find ways of finding Sajan’s secret mischief and pull his leg by their brilliant planning to give him enough shocks.

Sajan, who acts wise in the beginning turns out to the loser. Sanjana’s birthday is not remembered by her dad. Chedilal tries to apologize to Sanjana, but fails to convince her. Sanjana gets much hurt realizing none of her dear ones remember her birthday. Chedilal informs Sajan about the problem. On realizing Sanjana’s birthday, Sajan cooks up a plan to please her. He false boasts of the gift he has kept for Sanjana. Sanjana understands Sajan is lying and commands him to get the gift infront of her eyes right away.

Sajan lies of buying beautiful earrings for her. He gets trapped knowing the jewelry market is shut by strike. Being left with no option, Sajan plans to visit home and steal Kashmira’s earrings. He comes across Ramwati’s antique earrings and steals it. Sajan wraps the gift and surprises Sanjana with the lovely pair of earrings. Sanjana does not accept the expensive earrings at first, but agrees to keep it on Sajan’s insistence.

Sanjana calls him up and tells her plan of visiting his home at night to meet Kashmira. Sajan takes Khiloni’s help and makes Sanjana leave. Sanjana throws a party at her home and invites Sajan’s family. Kashmira spots the earrings and wonders whether Sanjana has stolen it from her home. She seeks an answer from Sanjana. Sanjana admits about Sajan’s big heart to gift her costly earrings by saving his salary. Sajan gets stuck in his own plan. May I Come In Madam is surely to stay on air for more time.

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