Shraddha Kapoor finally opens up on relationship with Farhan Akhtar

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Shraddha Kapoor finally opens up on relationship with Farhan Akhtar


Rock On 2 co-stars Farhan Akhtar and Shraddha Kapoor’s off screen science was all the rage. Indeed, stories were notwithstanding doing the rounds that Shraddha had gathered her packs and moved in with her reputed lover, just to be dragged back home by her irate father Shakti Kapoor. Shakti rubbished the reports, however that had little impact.

Presently, Shraddha Kapoor herself hammered babble mongers for going “over the edge.” Denying her association with Farhan, the OK Jaanu performing artist stated, “I think this time it went little over the edge. When you are composing something that is false and displaying it as a reality without affirming… I feel it’s to a great degree off-base.”

“For simply the purpose of tattles, tabloids cannot take such freedoms. You can’t state something has happened when nothing of this sort has happened,” she included.

Shraddha said that she is generally undaunted by gossipy tidbits encompassing her however this time, it “painted an off base picture” about her dad. “The connection up bits of gossip have not influenced me by any means, but rather this time it did as it included my family. On the off chance that you paint a wrong picture and include family, it’s not reasonable,” she said.

The on-screen character included that she might want her work to be talked about and not her reputed issues. Shraddha will be seen next in OK Jaanu with Aditya Roy Kapur. The film will hit screens on January 13.

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