And Tv’s Santoshi Maa brings Ratan’s bold avatar and special segments

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And Tv’s Santoshi Maa brings Ratan’s bold avatar and special segments

Ratan Rajput who is most popular for her role as Laali in Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo has made a comeback on the small screen after a long time. Ratan has chosen the devotional show Santoshi Maa airing on And Tv in prime slot. Gracy Singh, Sayantani Ghosh, Upasana Singh and Ayaz Ahmed play pivotal roles. The show aims to bring a fictional devotional show with family drama in it. It tries to higher the viewers’ devotion by showing the prime character Santoshi’s solid belief in the Goddess of contentment.

The show is currently revolving around Santoshi’s death and a new soul of a bar dancer entering Santoshi’s body. Ratan Rajput is seen in a bold avatar. Ratan’s character has got more entertaining and completely different than the old one.

The struggles of Santoshi till now have been a lot. There seems to be no end for the protagonist’s problems. Santoshi’s soul is still in Yamlok. Brahmadev, Santoshi Maa, Yamdev, Narad and Gaumata are all trying to recover the fate page torn by Dimakh Raj on the orders of the evil Devi Paulmi. Dimakh Raj did not turn honest while doing his work and cheated Brahmadev again. Dimakh Raj reconstructs half of the page after getting arrested by Brahmadev. But, he hides in Dev vatika with the remaining portion lying in his stomach. Dimakh Raj does not contribute all the page torn parts back. Santoshi Maa worries for Santoshi’s soul not able to enter Santoshi’s body since much time. She evaluates that Santoshi’s soul will go towards death if the soul is not restored in the body within the stipulated period.


On the other hand, the new soul is creating big problems in Santoshi’s in laws. Santoshi’s husband Dhairya who used to hate her before, had a paralytic attack. Santoshi won his heart by her hard work and selfless service. Dhairya has fallen in love with Santoshi before she died. After the new soul’s entry in Santoshi’s body, Dhairya loves her even more. Dhairya wanted such a bold, naughty and romantic wife. Dhairya loves her company and wants her to remain the same. Santoshi Maa takes Kamdev’s help to keep Dhairya and new soul in Santoshi away. Santoshi Maa is trying hard to reach Dimakh Raj, since the problems on earth are increasing for Santoshi.

Madhu was responsible for getting Santoshi killed. Santoshi returns from her death. Madhu assumes Santoshi has got mad or she has become a ghost. Madhu plans to prove Santoshi mad and sends her to the mental hospital. Santoshi who has turned bold with the new soul takes good revenge from Madhu. Santoshi is now trying to prove Madhu mad and teach her a lesson in her language. Madhu is paying for her evil deeds. The show elaborates the tribulations faced by Santoshi and how she succeeds over everything with her devotional power.

The episodes on Fridays show a special segment of Poonam Dhillion giving knowledge about Santoshi Maa. Poonam shares information about the fasts and beliefs around Santoshi Maa. Viewers are also given a chance to share their views and experiences which has installed their belief in Santoshi Maa. Poonam will be narrating real life incidents and bring positivity in viewer’s mind. Poonam’s role as the Sutradhaar sharing the facts and insights on the Goddess has been well appreciated. The show is not leaving any stone unturned in proving the fact that devotion can turn any curse into a boon.

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