Vidya Balan recognised me as Vardhan from Badho Bahu – Shagun Pandey

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Vidya Balan recognised me as Vardhan from Badho Bahu – Shagun Pandey

Shagun Pandey, who is currently seen as Vardhan in &TV’s Badho Bahu talks about the love he is getting for his character and shares his experience meeting Vidya Balan…
What is your character Vardhan like?

Vardhan is a family boy. He is sincere, studious and he speaks less and understands more. Due to an accident in his childhood, he has a limp in his leg and cannot walk properly. And that is the reason why he can’t pursue the wrestling heritage of his family. He has an ugly relation with his mother but he tries to maintain it by all possible means. He has a deep relationship with Badho and he only wants happiness for her. So all in all Vardhan is really a nice and innocent character.

What is the response you are getting for the role?
I am getting the loveliest response ever. Previously, I had done the show Santoshi Maa on the same channel, but that time I did not get much of a response. But being Vardhan, a decent image has formed all over, and off screen when I meet people, they all recognize me and are actually excited to see Vardhan.

What is the best compliment you got for your role so far?
People call me innocent and a good boy. There have been calls asking me for “rishta”. There is this guy who constantly texts me on Facebook and asks my father’s number to fix my marriage with his daughter. But I have to remind everyone that I am still 20 years old.

You recently met Vidya Balan and she told you she loves Badho Bahu. What did she say exactly?
I was in this place Chaayos in Juhu. I was having coffee, and out of nowhere I saw Vidya Balan sitting on the next table. And I really have a deep respect and love for her as an actor. She has this charming and quintessential personality, and I love her in Kahaani, Kahaani 2, Munna Bhai and all those wonderful movies. She has a little expression, but her acting speaks everything. So, I went up to her and asked her to click a picture with me. And it came as shock when she recognized me. She was like “You are Vardhan from Badho Bahu, right?” And I said yes. Then she told me she does not watch TV much, but one day she was surfing channels, she found Badho Bahu very interesting. And that is why she recognized me. I was so flattered.

Is Vidya Balan your favourite actress? Which film of her do you like the most?
Well, Disha Patani is my favourite actress, but with Vidya Balan it is like I am attracted to the acting and her beauty. I love her as an actress. I like Kaahani, Kahaani 2 and Lagey Raho Munna Bhai.

How is it working with Dipti Kalwani and humtum telefilms?
I love Dipti Kalwani, it is just so wonderful to work with her. She has shown so much faith in me. Deepti Ma’am, Pankaj Dir and Vikas Gupta got me Vardhan. At first, I was like why did you choose me for Vardhaan, but she said she had a vision and she knows her characters much to well. This other day I gave a shot, and she texted me on whatsapp, that she thought I acted really good. I was overwhelmed. So yeah, it is lovely working with Hum Tum Tele films, Sunny Side Up, Dipti Ma’am and Sushant Sir. We are pampered with love and gifts and parties.

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